Current Tuition Rates- September 2021

Little Red Schoolhouse Tuition is currently based on $83/day in the Infant Toddler Program (Chickadees, Chipmunks, Pikas & Snowbunnies), and $76/day in the Preschool Program (Brown BearsBlack Bears & Summer Trails Camp).
It is figured with the following equation: Daily Rate × Amount of Days/Wk × 52 Wks/Year ÷ 12 Months/Year = Total Monthly Amount

Rates as of September 2021

One Day
Two Days
Three Days
Four Days
Five Days
Infants & Toddlers
Preschoolers (Bears)

Tuition Assistance Programs

Breckenridge Tuition Assistance Program

The Town of Breckenridge’s Tuition Assistance Program works on the premise that families should not spend more than 13%-16% of their gross income on child care. For families who qualify for tuition assistance we calculate a families annual child care expenses at a local child care center and when that exceeds 13%-16% of their income our program provides assistance through a daily co-pay. The daily co-pay assures that a family can afford to pay for their child care throughout the year and that their expense will not exceed 13%-16% of their gross income.

Contact Information:
Corrie Burr – Program Administrator
Phone: 970-547-3124
Please note the Child Care office is now located at Town Hall at 150 Ski Hill Road.  

Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP)

The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) is managed by county governments.  CCCAP is an income qualifying program that assists families in paying a portion of their child care costs. Residents of Summit County interested in determining eligibility should contact Ivana Barrio at or at 970-668-9163. Residents outside of Summit County should contact their county government for more details.