LRSH, Inc. Little Red Schoolhouse is a non-profit organization that is LRSH, Inc. follows the Montessori philosophy in its programs. We collaborate with other community organizations and preschools to help promote and support quality childcare and education in Summit County. 

LRSH, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that was formed in August 1997. We are dedicated to providing high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment for the children that attend, and an educational resource and support system for the families of these children. The sole purpose of this corporation is the provision of childcare through the Little Red Schoolhouse. 

LRSH, Inc. is pleased to provide this program to our community. The Little Red Schoolhouse is located in a beautiful new building since 2005, at 600 Reiling Road Breckenridge, CO 80424. We are a Montessori-based Preschool and Early Learning Center serving 80 children between the ages of eight weeks and six years. 

Our classrooms provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Inside, the classroom is prepared with the needs and interests of each child in mind. It is very open and bright with low shelves and windows. Activities are set on shelves for each child to discover and explore. Little Red Schoolhouse provides a home to many living creatures such as fish, guinea pigs and bunnies, which offer the child the opportunities to nurture and care for. Outside there are large fenced-in yards with climbing equipment, slides, and a variety of outdoor toys. During the summer months each child is invited to assist in the planting of, and caring for, the variety of gardens surrounding the school. 

The corporation is run by a Board of Directors, which consists of parents, childcare professionals, and members of our community. The Board of Directors has hired an Executive Director to oversee the operations of this facility. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly to determine the direction of the programs, ensure that financial status of the organization is sound, and assist the Executive Director with other matters as requested.   Should a parent wish to attend a Board Meeting, they may do so and should check with the Executive Director for the time and place of the meeting.  Parents should realize that there may be items that will be inappropriate to discuss in their presence, and they may be asked to leave if this occurs. In general, however, our corporation highly values our parents and their opinions, and welcomes any input you may wish to provide.


Little Red Schoolhouse, LRSH, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing high quality education and childcare in a safe and nurturing environment to the children who attend, as well as an educational resource and support system for the families of these children.


LRSH, Inc. follows the Montessori philosophy. The Montessori philosophy is based upon the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first woman MD. Maria Montessori’s study of children and advocacy for their needs led to historic advances in the field of education. She developed an appreciation for children and the importance of the child’s own activity in his/her education. One of the results of her studies is a child-led environment. Each child is able to move about the room freely, choosing from the many individualized learning materials. 

The Montessori materials have been developed to begin with the most concrete level of exploration; then moves into the complex and abstract at gradual levels. The graduated materials combined with the freedom to make ones’ own choices allows the child to learn particular developmental skills while also making his/her own decisions. With the freedom of movement in the classroom the child is allowed to observe others, work individually, or in small cooperative groups. 

The environment of each of the programs encourages respect for the children, the teachers, and the materials within the classroom. Like a parent, the teachers observe each individual child and address his/her needs. The teachers respond to the needs of the child and provide opportunities that stimulate his/her natural potential. Teachers provide a role model for the children within the classroom through their interactions, language, and careful and thoughtful use of the materials. LRSH, Inc. is committed to providing and maintaining a safe, warm, nurturing environment allowing all of the children to grow and learn at their own pace.

PHONE: 970.453.6871 FAX: 970.453.6501


Greta Shackelford: Executive Director- greta@littleredbreck.com

Morgan Thompson: Assistant Director- morgan@littleredbreck.com

Trish Streicher: Educational Supervisor- trish@littleredbreck.com