FAQ’s about enrollment:

Q: Do we accept Cloth Diapers?
A: Yes we do! We encourage the use of all environmental friendly products including cloth diapers! We are not able to clean the diapers, but will place them in the a “wet bag” (which you will need to provide), and send them home with you daily.

Q: Can you pay day to day?
A: No. We are a year round preschool in which you pay monthly to ensure your spot. We are not a drop-in center.

Q: Can you trade/switch days from week to week?
A: No.  This is because we have filled our rooms on each day of the week with different children, and it would put us over our teacher-student ratio if children were to just come whenever.

Q: How do you go about adding/dropping days?
A: If you are wanting to add a day; please let the directors know what day(s) you are wanting to add, and when.  From there the directors will put you on the waitlist for that day(s) and let you know if there is anyone else in line before you. If you are dropping a day, please inform the directors as soon as possible.  You must give us at least notice, giving us enough time to fill the day with another child.

Q: Can you sell your days if you are not going to be here?
A: No.  This is because, we offer the opportunity for drop-in days for each family, and priority for the vacant day, is given to those who have previously asked for the day.

Q: Are your days guaranteed back if you leave for an extended period of time?
A: Yes. However, this is only possible if you continue to pay for your current schedule. Otherwise, we will need to fill the days, you can let us know when you plan to return, and we then keep a “look out” for those days to come available again. In other words, in order to hold a guaranteed spot, you will need to comply with the appropriate tuition amounts.
Q: What dates are you closed?
A: We observe 8 Holiday closures per year-
New Years Day
The Friday of the Public School Spring Break (Usually 2nd week of April)
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Thanksgiving & the Friday following
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
Please NOTE: if the Holiday falls on a weekend, we will be closed the prior Friday or the following Monday! Thank youWe also have 3 half-day in-service mornings (for teachers) through the year- we will open at 11:30am on these days. Please see calendar for where they fall!